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TCS HackQuest Season 5 | Round - 1

Hello folks, I’m really excited to share my TCS HackQuest Season 5 journey with you all through this blog !

It was quite amazing journey to be honest to compete with 22 thousand participants from 600+ instituions all across India ! I was one of the top 10 grand finalist of TCS HackQuest Season 5, awarded with 10k INR cash prize & job offer.

So, there were 3 rounds this season which were consisting of CTF challenges, Group Discussion & proctored CTF round (which was the final round.)

Round 1 had time duration of 4 hours in which we were given 10 challenges of different categories (such as Web, Reversing, Forensics, etc..) After solving the round 1 challenges we were given 2 hours to document everything we did to obtain the flag in a word document provided by TCS HackQuest team. So, make sure to write understandable descriptive steps that you have taken to solve the challenges & take screenshots of everything you do !!

I wrote this blog in a very beginner friendly way to help my future infosec buddies !

Following are the 5 challenges that I managed to solve in Round - 1 and got 900 points!

1. Digi Magic

Flag: "hq5{s0_Y0u_KN0W_HoW_$$1_worKs}"
  1. As the challenge talked about digital signature, it instantly came to my mind to check for SSL/TLS certificate.

  2. So, I clicked on ‘View Certificate’ option in mozilla firefox browser.

  3. There in the Locality field, you will see the base64 encoded string just decode it and you will get the flag.


2. I Am Always

Flag: "hq5{w1nn324v3n932}"
  1. As the challenge talked about hidden flag and when I browse through the challenge link, there were multiple images and first thought in my mind was to check for steganography or some sort of EXIF embedding in image metadata.

  2. I downloaded all the images from the challenge link.

  3. Tools Used: Metapicz

  4. I search in all images for EXIF manipulation & found cool endpoint string in metadata of Hulk image.


  5. Visit this endpoint and you will get the flag !!


3. Ice Cream Dispenser

Flag: "hq5{110v3*1c3_c234m}"
  1. This challenge involved small guess work.
  2. I intercepted the request in burp suite.
  3. Request: GET /geticecream
  4. When I send this request, response came in as – “Missing Flavour”. So, I added flavour parameter with a random string.
  5. For example: GET /geticecream?flavour=mango. But then again response returned as – “Are you requesting it correctly!”
  6. Then I change the GET request to POST and guess what the flag was returned in the response.
  7. Final request: POST /geticecream?flavour=mango image

4. Reggie Rich

Flag: "hq5{3nc2yp7*m45732}"
  1. This challenge was simple code review and bypassing of weak pattern matching function.
  2. Viewing the source code of the challenge page gives us commented source code at the bottom of the page.
  3. Code:

     #=> Code:
     function replace_string($j0){
     $a1=$j0; ##hackquestchamp
     $h2=preg_replace("/hackquestchamp/","",$j0); #replacing with empty string
         echo "Finally Working ".$h2;}
  4. As you can see it will match the string hackquestchamp & replace it with the empty string.
  5. So,to bypass this weak pattern matching, simply input the following string.
  6. Final String: hackquesthackquestchampchamp
  7. Pattern matching will remove the middle string ‘hackquestchamp’ completely & then first ‘hackquest’ string gets joined with last ‘champ’ string resulting in function bypass and it returns our flag.


5. Record

Flag: "HQ5{Malware_implement_persistence}"
  1. This challenge was too time consuming to check through all the logs to identify the flag.
  2. After clicking on “Take Me To Binary”, a RAR file get downloaded.
  3. Decompressing it will give two files: App.evtx & system.evtx
  4. Firstly, I checked what is the file type by running Unix command - file. image
  5. As you can see in the screenshot, it is the event log file which can be opened by Windows Event Viewer. I immediately open both files and started looking for any intresting logs.
  6. As the challenge specifically said about “malware”. So, I tried searching record with string such as Trojan, Malware, Ransomware & to my notice I found one ransomware record consisting of based64 encoded string in the system.evtx log file. image
  7. Decode the string and you will get the flag in plain text.

Gracias !!

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