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I always wonder how it feels to have a CVE ID assigned to our name & the day finally came to experience the true happiness towards my first CVE ID assignment. Let’s get started with the actual PoC !!

Product Information

Vendor: Seceon Inc.
Product Name: Seceon aiSIEM 
Version: 6.3.2 
Build: 585
Vulnerability Type: Unauthenticated Account Takeover
Severity: CRITICAL

PoC | Proof of Concept

#1. Go to login page of Seceon aiSIEM and click on “Forgot Password” button. URL - https://192.168.x.x/nextgen/v1/#/login/forgot-password.


#2. Configure any browser with burp suite localhost IP & port to intercept requests/responses.

#3. Open burp suite proxy interceptor, go to “Proxy” tab and ensure Intercept is on.

#4. Now, enter the email address of the victim and click on “Send Reset Link” button.

#5. You will observe the following request in burp suite, click on forward to proceed with the request.


#6. Observe the next request very carefully, here the GET request call is being made to “sendemail” API endpoint along with the password reset (token) link !!


#7. Paste the copied link into the browser and enter the new password for the victim’s SIEM account.


#8. Password is successfully changed and now an attacker can login with a victim’s email address & new password that has been just changed.



Any malicious user/attacker can change the credentials of any user/victim with only email address of victim’s account and that results in complete account takeover of the user. Only prerequisite to successful account takeover is email address of the victim.

Cheers !

The vulnerability got fixed in newer build versions & can not be exploitable further.

MITRE CVE: Check Here

Happy Learning <3

Gracias !!

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